Etsy Made Local 2017

United Kingdom

Etsy Made Local returns for its third year this Christmas on 1–3 December. Our annual community-led market events celebrate all things local. Shop local, from your locals. 

Find out how to get involved.

Apply to sell at your nearest market

We’ve scoured the nation and trudged through applications to bring you our confirmed list of locations hosting an Etsy Made Local market this December. Simply find your nearest market below to officially apply to be a market stall vendor.

Each individual Etsy Made Local event is organised by members of the Etsy selling community; from the event logistics, right down to the vendor recruitment and selection process. Each location will have a different application form and process so it’s important that you read each market’s set of instructions clearly. For more guidance please refer to our FAQs below.

Not every market will be ready to accept vendor applications. If your nearest location is one of these then have no fear; they’ve come up with a cunning way to keep you posted for when they do officially open applications so still click through.


Glasgow - Glasgow Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Aberdeen - Aberdeen Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 



Manchester - Manchester Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 

South Cheshire - Etsy South Cheshire - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 

Preston - Lancashire Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 



Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - Newcastle Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 

Durham - Etsy Durham - APPLICATIONS CLOSED



Leeds - Etsy Team Leeds - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 

Sheffield - Sheffield Sellers on Etsy - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 

Barnsley - Crafty Business Barnsley - APPLICATIONS CLOSED




Cardiff - Cardiff and Valleys Etsy Sellers - APPLICATIONS CLOSED



Birmingham - Birmingham Originals - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Birmingham - IDEAS Birmingham - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Hereford - Hereford Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Coventry - Warwickshire Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Wolverhampton - Made in the Black Country - APPLICATIONS CLOSED



Nottingham - Nottingham Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Lincoln - Etsy Made Lincoln - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Northamptonshire - Etsy Makers Northants - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Leicester - Leicestershire Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED



Cambridge - Etsy Cambridge - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Norwich - Norwich Markers Market - APPLICATIONS CLOSED



Tooting Broadway - London Local - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Richmond - Best of British - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Blackheath - Blackheath & South East Etsy Made Local Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Shoreditch - EML East London - Apply now »

Tottenham - Crafty North Londoner - APPLICATIONS CLOSED



Brighton - Brighton Sellers’ Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED 

Chelmsford - Chelmsford & Essex Etsy Sellers - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Canterbury - Etsy Made Local Canterbury - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Guildford - Team Etsy Guildford, England - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Chichester - Drapers Yard - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Oxford - Oxford Etsy - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Hertfordshire - Hertfordshire Etsy Team - APPLCIATIONS CLOSED

Southampton - Southampton Sellers Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Milton Keynes - Milton Keynes Team - Apply now »



Bristol - Bristol Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

St Ives - Etsy Makers Cornwall - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Cirencester - Crafters of Gloucestershire - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Plymouth - Plymouth UK Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Dorset - Dorset Etsy Team - APPLICATIONS CLOSED


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Across the UK



Across the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vendor application process?
Now that our Etsy Made Local host locations have been confirmed it’s time to fill these markets up with some extraordinary Etsy sellers. That’s where you come in. Simply find your nearest market, click through to their respective vendor application form (if available), and follow the instructions to apply.
How does it work?
Each host location is responsible for their own vendor application process; from the types of questions they’ll be asking, to how long their application process will run, to what criteria they set to decide on successful applicants. No application is going to be the same so make sure to read the individual market’s set of instructions.
Find the location you’d like to apply for and click through to the organiser’s respective application form. Not all locations are open to accepting vendor applications just yet. For those that are not ready, you will be redirected to register your interest and will be notified of when the vendor application process will open. This process may involve joining an Etsy Team, a Facebook group/page/event, or completing a short form.
Details of where to direct any questions or queries pertaining to a specific location can be found in the respective application form. Please direct all your queries to the organising team. 
Etsy UK will not be answering questions/queries/comments on specific vendor application processes.
Do I need to be available for the entire weekend of 1-3 December?
This depends on the market that you are applying to. All Etsy Made Local events will take place over the course of these dates but each market have decided on what days they will be open. Some will only run for one day, others two, others all three days. Be sure to read your market’s instructions carefully as this will outline what days the market will be running so you can tentatively put it in your diary.
Do I have to pay to be a vendor?
In most instances, yes. Like most commercial marketplaces and fairs stallholders will need to pay a fee to sell at an Etsy Made Local market. The organisers of the market you’re apply for will outline the cost of this as the prices will range from market to market.
What if there is more than one market close to me? Can I apply to more than one?
Ideally, we’d prefer that you applied to just one market but it’s absolutely fine to apply to more than one that is close to you. For example, one market might be open on just the Saturday, which means you could potentially sell at the other one who is open on the Sunday. The decision is up to you and for what you can commit to. The only request we would ask is that you put it somewhere in your application form(s) that you have applied to another market. Some application forms may explicitly ask this question, whilst others might not, but try to include this somewhere if you can.
Why is there no market near me?
Etsy Made Local is a community-led initiative run by Etsy sellers and supported by Etsy. Each participating event is run by a group of dedicated Etsy Team members who volunteered to host a market in their area. If there isn’t a market in your area, consider starting or joining a Team in your area and organising one next year.
Can I sell at Etsy Made Local if I don’t have an Etsy shop?
Unfortunately ALL vendors participating in Etsy Made Local are required to have an Etsy shop. If you are interested in selling at an Etsy Made Local event then simply visit and enter the code ‘ETSYMADELOCALUK2017’ to receive your first 20 listings for free so you can start your Etsy shop.
What is Etsy Made Local?
Etsy Made Local is a national, community-led initiative celebrating the makers, collectors and artisans in local communities across the UK. From Brighton to Inverness, cities and towns will be participating in this weekend event connecting Christmas shoppers with local Etsy communities.
Powered by our community leaders (Etsy Teams), Etsy Made Local marketplaces will pop up across the country on 1–3 December 2017. Etsy artisans can sell their handmade wares and vintage goods to local buyers at the markets, each of which will represent the spirit of the local community. The markets will also give neighbours the opportunity to discover the wealth of creativity and craftsmanship in their own backyards.
What are Etsy Teams?
To host Etsy Made Local, you will need to have or be in an Etsy Team. Only Etsy Sellers can sell at the Etsy Made Local markets. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Team, it’s really easy to create one and everyone can do it!
If you don’t know what Teams are, please read more here.
How to create an Etsy Team
How to join an Etsy Team


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