This holiday season, shop local artisans and find something you love at a market near you.

Etsy Made Local 

Market Locations

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Los Angeles
November 25

Mission Viejo
Nov 25 - Dec 31

San Francisco
November 25-26


December 8-9


November 24


December 16-17


November 25


December 2


December 6-7


Kansas City
December 10

New York

New York - Brooklyn
November 25

New York - Brooklyn
December 16-17

New York - Manhattan
December 8-10


December 2


December 2


Nov 24 - Dec 31


November 11

Fort Worth
December 9

December 1-3

San Antonio
November 25

Shop from local sellers to find something you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Etsy: Made in Canada?
Good question! Etsy Made Local community-led initiative celebrating the crafters, collectors and artisans in local communities across the country. Powered by Etsy Teams, Etsy artisans will sell their handmade wares, vintage goods and supplies to local buyers at these marketplaces, each representing the spirit of the local community.

What is Etsy?
With over 1 million active shops and 60 million unique visitors per month, Etsy is the online market for handmade and vintage goods. Our mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. Etsy is proud to be a certified B Corporation—a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Is there an Etsy Made Local market in my city?
We hope so! Check the list of participating cities above to see if a market is popping up near you.

Do I have to be an Etsy member to shop at a market?
No, anyone is welcome to stop by a market. But you should think about joining the Etsy community. It’s an easy (and free) way to keep finding incredible items from local sellers and sellers around the world.

How can I share event photos and updates on social media?
You can share the event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #EtsyMadeLocalUS and @etsy. Just try not to make your friends too jealous.

I can't attend a market. How can I shop from the local sellers?
You can shop from sellers in your neighborhood (and from around the globe!) all year round on

When is Etsy Made Local?
Etsy Made Local in the US will take place in November and December. Please click on the market nearest you for more information.

How can I become a vendor at a marketplace near me?
Each market location manages their own vendor application process, which is led by the organizing Etsy Team in charge of that city’s market. 

How are vendors for the marketplaces selected?
Vendors are selected for each marketplace by the event organizer and/or Etsy Team members in each respective location.

How many Etsy sellers participate in this event?
There are more than 1,500 Etsy sellers participating in Etsy Made Local. 

Why is there no Etsy Made Local market in my hometown? 
Etsy Made Local is a community-led initiative run by Etsy sellers and supported by Etsy. Each participating event is run by a group of dedicated Etsy Team members who volunteered to host a market in their area. If there isn’t a market in your area, consider starting or joining the Team in your area and organizing one next year.

What is an Etsy Team?
Etsy Teams is a feature on Etsy that allows you to connect with other members of the community. You can use Team Forums to share information about running a business in your area, get advice from experienced members, or gather with peers to socialize and plan events. To find an Etsy Team based on your location, craft or interest, click here

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