This portal is for potential and confirmed host organizers who wish to run an Etsy Made in Canada event. Here, you will find all the support tools you require to run and promote your event, as well as information to share with your selected vendors in the run up to your event.

Etsy Made in Canada

Etsy Made in Canada is a national, seller-led, Etsy-sponsored initiative celebrating the makers and artisans across the country. Etsy sellers come together to organize a market to sell their handmade products and vintage goods to local customers. The markets also give neighbours the opportunity to discover the wealth of creativity and craftsmanship right on their doorstep.

Register an Event

Event Registration

Registrations opened for Fall/Winter 2019

If you’re interested in hosting an Etsy Made in Canada event in Fall/Winter 2019 then complete our event registration form. Check out the FAQs as to how we decide to sponsor events.

Note: Event registration does not guarantee sponsorship from Etsy and access to the tools and benefits of this portal. Only confirmed events will be awarded access and sponsorship. You may only run an Etsy Made in Canada event if your event registration has been approved by Etsy. 

Etsy Made in
Canada 2019

Etsy Made in Canada 2019

September 28th, 2019

Our annual event date will be September 28th, 2019. Organizers are at liberty to host their event on a date outside of this, however, must be aware that Etsy will be focusing all promotional activity around this period should you wish to leverage that support. Read our FAQs for more details.

Host Guide

Host Guide

We’ve gathered some of the best tips from host organizers from around the world, as well as Etsy’s own guiding hand to inform you of what it takes to create your own Etsy-sponsored Etsy Made in Canada event.


To help you even further, join our dedicated Etsy Made Local: Global Host Organizers team to connect with other hosts. Share your tips, ideas, and ask questions to get advice on your event.

Note: Don't forget to sign in by clicking your Etsy avatar on the top right corner – use the same login info as your Etsy account.


Check out these useful articles from the Etsy Seller Handbook on organizing your own selling event.

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Fall/Winter 2019

Only confirmed events are eligible for sponsorship. Lead organizers will be notified directly, and will receive a sponsorship package outlining terms and conditions. Upon receiving your completed sponsorship package, access to all the tools in this portal will become available. An initial round of financial sponsorships are available for events due to take place in the Fall/Winter 2019. 

Sponsorship offerings for Fall/Winter 2019 will be:
$1,950 CAD

This is a contribution towards your event costs, including a marketing spend to purchase any Etsy Made in Canada branded materials from our dedicated portal.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Confirmed organizers are granted permission to run a selling event that has been approved by Etsy via the event registration process described above. Etsy’s trademarks, including the Etsy Made in Canada brand and the Etsy logo, and other Etsy materials made available from time to time may be used solely for an Etsy-approved event in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sponsorship agreement. 

Organizers have access to customisable templates for digital files (for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and to physical materials for their event (via Vistaprint online shop).

Note: A registration code will be issued to confirmed hosts to access our dedicated Vistaprint shop



A big part of the event are the vendors that you select to sell their products. All vendor recruitment and selection needs to be conducted by the event organizers. You can find out more on what you need to do in the host guide.


Share these useful articles from the Etsy Seller Handbook to your selected vendors to help them get ready for your event.

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Event Promotion

Promoting Your Event

All Etsy-approved Etsy Made in Canada events must be added to the Etsy Local page. organizers can provide all the relevant event details - venue address, opening hours, schedule of activities, etc - and then share the event link with all their confirmed vendors so that they can mark that they are participating.

You can then use this event listing to share as part of your promotional activities and to share with visitors. Check out the Host Guide for more specific details on how to set this up.

Press and Social Tips

Etsy will provide small promotional support for Etsy Made in Canada events, however, the duty lies with host organizers to promote your event. Etsy have provided some useful tips and templates to help you with this.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Etsy Made In Canada?

Etsy Made in Canada is a national, seller-led, Etsy-sponsored initiative celebrating the makers and artisans in local communities across the country. Towns and cities will be participating in this weekend event connecting local shoppers with local Etsy sellers.

Etsy Made in Canada markets hosted by Teams of Etsy sellers will pop up across the country on September 28th 2019. Artisans selling on Etsy can sell their handmade products and vintage goods to local customers; each of which will represent the spirit of the local community. The markets will also give neighbours the opportunity to discover the wealth of creativity and craftsmanship in their own backyards.

What is involved with hosting an Etsy Made in Canada event?

Hosting an Etsy Made in Canada event will require time and effort. As a host, you can expect some of the following:

  • Coordinate and manage a planning team of local volunteers/Etsy Team to help you design and deliver an exciting event.
  • Secure a venue to host the event.
  • Determine how many, and what, vendors you would like at your event and create an application form/process for people to apply to sell.
  • Manage a project budget - determining how much you will charge for stall fees, and other sources of income.
  • Apply for and secure any necessary licenses to host a pop-up/selling event
  • Handle local PR and marketing to help promote your event to get people attending.
  • Adhering to any local laws and regulations for promoting your event.

Join our dedicated organizers Team to connect with other hosts around the world to share top tips  and ideas.

What are Etsy Teams?

To host Etsy Made in Canada, you will need to have or create an Etsy Team. Only sellers who sell on Etsy can sell at the Etsy Made in Canada markets. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Team, it’s really easy to create one and anyone can do it!

If you don’t know what Teams are, please read more here.

What happens when I register my event?

When you register your event Etsy will check the information you provide to determine whether it is approved and will receive sponsorship from Etsy. If an event is not approved, you are not permitted to associate it with Etsy in any manner. Proximity to existing events will often be the deciding factor, in which we will recommend connecting with the relevant Etsy Team to see how you can take part.

If, however, you’re applying from an entirely new location that hasn’t hosted Etsy Made in Canada before, then we will review the additional information you have provided to determine what support you can receive.

Only approved, sponsored events are permitted to use all the support tools contained in this portal. 


How do you decide locations?

If you are applying for the first time to host an Etsy Made in Canada event we will be asking you to share some more details with us to help us make a decision. We will confirm new locations based on the following:

  • Proximity to an existing event

  • Experience of running a similar activity

  • Capacity to mobilize support from other volunteer sellers/interest to start an Etsy Team

  • The number of vendors you anticipate to take part 


I don’t want to host...but I’d still like to take part.

That’s great! Head to our community page to find your nearest Etsy Team and find out if they are hosting an event.

Etsy Made In Canada

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